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Guest Posting Opportunities for Outsource How

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Do you have experience with outsourcing and freelancing from the point of view of the contractor or the client?

We accept guest post applications for publication on Outsource How.

Guest posting is a great way to send traffic back to your own blog or website, as well as helping others by sharing your knowledge.

The types of posts we’re looking for are anything to do with helping small businesses make better decisions about outsourcing and hiring freelancers, as well as information to help freelancers offer a better service.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Please take a good look through our previous articles to see the type of material that’s already been covered, and if your idea is similar, at least try to give a unique perspective to the material that can’t be found elsewhere.

Please note: We do not want articles that are general lists or vague articles about the benefits of outsourcing or why you should outsource this or that. The post must have practical value and must be as specific as possible, with real world examples that require research and details.
We already have a lot of general content on the site and are now making an effort to steer away from that and more towards in-depth, actionable content.

Examples of the kind of topics we’re looking for:

  • How to hire a great VA
  • What to look for when hiring a web developer
  • How to create the perfect job posting on Elance (or oDesk, etc)
  • Before you outsource your social media…
  • What learned when hiring a graphic designer

Your guest post should be:

  • At least 500 words and preferably in depth coverage of a topic, up to 2000 words
  • Original and not published elsewhere
  • Specific to outsourcing and/or freelancing, with relevant keywords in the title and body of the article
  • Well written (we reserve the right to edit for spelling, grammar, and readability prior to publication)
  • Include screenshots and other images to demonstrate your points
  • Personal and conversational – a unique voice and point of view is encouraged
  • Formatted to be easily scanned by the reader, with subheadings and short paragraphs where appropriate
  • Have a maximum of one backlink to the author’s site in the body and one backlink in the author bio. The link should be to a related niche and NOT something completely unrelated to outsourcing. Links to other resources in the body of the piece are fine – especially previous articles featured on our blog or similar resources.

Author Bio

All posts should be accompanied by an author bio containing your first and last name (use a pen name if you’re not comfortable publishing your real name).

The bio should contain a short description of yourself and be around 60 words long.

Please provide a valid email address as you will be provided with a log in to the site so you can respond to any comments on your posts.

Ideally your email address will be associated with a Gravatar image, which will automatically accompany your author bio. If you don’t have a Gravatar account then please supply a small  headshot for your bio.

Follow up, Comments, and Promotion

We encourage all guest authors to promote their post using various social media, as we will do the same.

All guest posters are notified automatically of any comments on their post, and we ask that you reply to each comment.

How to Apply

You can email us at info [at] outsourcehow.com with a copy of your guest post or a brief outline, or get in touch using the form below.

Please do not email asking if we are accepting guest posts – we are!

We’ll get back to you about the next steps in having your guest post published, or recommend other options if we don’t feel the piece is suitable.

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