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Resources to help you outsource more effectively

Note: Many of the resources listed on this page are affiliate links for services that can help you outsource more effectively. This blog gets some income when you purchase a product or service via these links, at no additional cost to you. These proceeds go towards the cost of running this website and sourcing new material for our readers.

We carefully select the products on this page and only present you with choices we believe are high value and appropriate for your needs.


oDesk is one of the top 3 online marketplaces for hiring virtual contractors to fill a variety of roles. If you need a job done affordably, they offer everything from web developers to SEO experts, designers, article writers, and virtual assistants from all corners of the globe. If you need to outsource something oDesk is your one stop shop!

Do More with Less on oDesk


Elance is very similar to oDesk and offers the same types of contractors. There are subtle differences between the two sites which we discuss on our blog from time to time. It really comes down to preference, and we recommend trying each site in conjunction with some learning tools to help you find the best people for the tasks you need to outsource within your business.

Click here to start hiring or being hired on Elance 

99 Designs Crowdsourcing

99Designs is the top crowdsourcing website. The way it works is that you list a project such as web design or logo design, you put up some prize money, and a bunch of people try to wow you with their concepts for your project by submitting ideas. You narrow the field as you go by giving them ratings so the designers know if they are on the right track and what you are looking for. Eventually you choose the winner and they go ahead and finalise the project for you, winning the prize money in the process.

Start a Project now at 99designs.com – the #1 Marketplace for Crowdsourced Web and Graphic Design

Recruitment Help

Virtual Staff Finder is one the most long-established and trusted virtual recruiting services around. Founded 10 years ago by Chris Ducker (now based in the Philippines), VSF’s 5-step process has seen many satisfied small business owners and entrepreneurs embark on long-lasting and fruitful relationships with their virtual assistants. Chris has helped some big names find their ideal helper, including internet marketing heavyweights Pat Flynn, Corbett Barr, and David Risley, just to name a few.

Click here to visit Virtual Staff Finder

FREE Project Management Software

Basecamp is great, but if you don’t want to spend fifty bucks a month on a subscription, there are a number of free alternatives that have similar functionality. After looking around extensively I eventually found Project Pier. This is a self hosted (you install it on the same server as your website in a subdirectory or subdomain) web app that allows you to do everything Basecamp can do, plus a little more. Assign tasks, manage multiple projects, track time, send messages, and keep a database of users and contacts. It’s not quite as slick and user-friendly as Basecamp, but hey – what do you want for free!

Click here to learn more about Project Pier

Rock Solid Web Hosting

Bluehost is a rock solid hosting option for any website. Trusted by thousands of online marketers around the world, they offer unlimited space, bandwidth, and parked domains (where you can host multiple sites from the one cPanel) for only $6.95/mo.


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