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5 Things to Consider when Thinking About Outsourcing your Mobile App Development

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Although the word “outsourcing” carries negative economic connotations to some, to others it offers key business possibilities which would otherwise be unaffordable.

Many non-technology companies find that outsourcing their mobile app development is a cost effective way to get into the digital world.

Some considerations are necessary when hiring an outsourcing development company to ensure compatibility with the client company and their products.

Ability to Meet Needs

Although it may seem obvious, you must consider a potential software company’s ability to meet your needs for an app. The company must offer suitable development options in the languages and for the platforms you desire. They must also have enough resources to be able to complete the task. Hiring a small firm accustomed to writing private applications to develop a large corporate app just won’t work.


When most people outsource, they go out of their home country. Although outsourcing can refer to using any third party company, domestic or international, people often outsource with the intention of going to countries where laws, taxes, and living conditions make it more affordable to hire workers. If you’re going across the world, language can be a barrier. Make sure someone at your company speaks the native language of your developer, or that they are fluent in your language and can completely understand any given instructions. Differences in time zones can also result in communication difficulties – you can’t call your app developers if they’re asleep and not at work.


If you already have some sort of software or code a developer needs to work with, then certain companies may be more suited to your needs. You also might already have an IT department or some programmers, but not enough or the right ones for the job. You don’t want to hire a company who won’t be able to work with your existing systems or people, as that can lead to compatibility problems between your new app and your old software.

Adherence to Standards

Most programming languages have standards which define the best way to write code. This often isn’t the shortest of easiest way, but following standards and doing things like commenting code make your software more future proof. An outsourcing company hired to develop an app one time might be tempted to take some coding shortcuts which won’t have any impact on your current app, but could lead to future problems. Save yourself time and money on future application development and have your app built right the first time.


With the anonymity offered by the Internet, it’s easy for someone to start a supposed web company, but only use it to take people’s money. Make sure the company you choose is legitimate and will create a high quality product. You might want to talk to them in person or over the phone. If possible, talk to previous customers about their experience.

Choosing an outsourcing company doesn’t have to be difficult, but putting some effort into the process will ensure you don’t lose money or have difficulties in the future.


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Tom Monument specializes in writing about software and web development. He has a lot of experience of being outsourced to when developing websites for clients instead of blogging.

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    Nowadays almost all type of application is done for mobile app.large no of users wants some interesting and extra apps.so i agree with your post.

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